What Separates A Super Affiliate From The Average Affiliate? Thoughts From The Clickbank Exchange 2012

Hey, it’s Jackson here. What an amazing week it has been! Rob and I attended the Clickbank Exchange in New York City this week (although we BARELY made it to the airport — we flew out from the Philippines during a monsoon that drowned hundreds of people and submerged most of Manila, the capital city).

Once I arrived at the event, I could immediately tell that our long journey would be worth it. I wound up networking and hanging out with the biggest names on Clickbank, including people like:

  • Mark Ling from Affilorama
  • Travis Sago from Magic of Making Up
  • Chris Haddad (Michael Fiore)  from Text The Romance Back

And many more.

Each of these people are making incredible amounts of money, and you know what I found astounding?

Most of them did not know anything about SEO, nor did they care.

The talks they gave to the audience, and the conversations we had in private, were mostly about conversions and split testing.

They weren’t talking about Google Panda or Penguin, and yet all of them were making staggering amounts of money online.

Now, don’t get me wrong…

SEO is still an important part of my strategy, and it should factor into your overall marketing strategy as well.

And if your website has been penalized by Google…if you’ve seen your rankings get negatively affected my recent updates…then I strongly suggest you check out Google Resurrection, because it will show you some simple tweaks you can make to your site to reclaim your rankings and STAY ahead of your competitors.

But listening to these “mega marketers” at the Clickbank conference drove one point home…

The people who make the massive money online don’t worry too much about Google, or other unreliable sources of traffic.

Instead, they focus on creating a high converting quality product and make it convert on COLD traffic, then suddenly thousands of affiliates will jump on board and make them rich.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there’s a big misconception when it comes to traffic and internet marketing. When we think of traffic everyone immediately starts to think about Google.

But the funny thing is, Google as a source of traffic is the most unreliable traffic source there is. No other source of traffic constantly changes the rules and then retrospectively punishes you for things they previously rewarded you for!

In fact, no other business in the world can do it and get away with it – but for Google. So it’s amazing how many of us only think of Google when we think about traffic.

But then when you go to an event where there are literally hundreds of super affiliates walking around the room and NO ONE is talking about Google, then it starts to make you wonder…

How on earth do these people make the BIG money?

What’s the secret that they know, and that the average internet marketer who’s constantly struggling doesn’t?

Well, the good news is that I was able to network and chat to many of these super affiliates, in fact, I had a detailed conversation with nearly 7 out of top 10 vendors on Clickbank in the dating niche and at the end of the conversation the conclusion was the same.

Have a high-quality product and an excellent sales page (or sales video) that converts.

Make your affiliates money, then THEY will bring you the traffic and build your list for you.

You as the product owner just need to focus on giving them high paying commissions and a great converting product with low refunds and traffic will start taking care of itself.

Now, initially I was a bit startled, because I thought to myself “surely, these guys need to know something about SEO and generating traffic, otherwise how do they get started with making money?”.

But after 3 days of having detailed discussions and meeting them, and looking back upon my own career as purely an affiliate, I finally understood the missing piece.

Most affiliates STRUGGLE to find a high quality converting product. Everyone out there is wondering “what product converts” because all the traffic in the world is totally useless unless you’re able to CONVERT the traffic into sales.

So once ONE affiliate finds a product that converts, all their friends start asking them what they are promoting. Then suddenly friends of the friends start promoting that exact product and then the snowball effect ensues, the product’s gravity starts getting higher and higher, then after a while ALL the affiliates in that niche start taking notice of the product and start promoting it like crazy.

I guess this is a little like the chicken and egg argument, what came first?

I know a lot of people argue that you need traffic in order to make sales, but I beg to differ. I have come to the firm conclusion that you need to have a CONVERTING product to make ANY sort of money.

Traffic is something that you can always get – as long as you’re willing to spend money.

However, getting your product and sales page to convert is not something that money can buy, and that’s why everyone I speak to at the Clickbank Exchange who make incredible amounts of money focus on the CONVERSIONS rather than the traffic generation methods.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying traffic is NOT important, because it is 100% the lifeblood of any website, but what I am saying is that, traffic is something money can buy. You can always do some media buys and send traffic to an offer.

What you CANNOT throw money at is making your product CONVERT.

You need to know the exact psychological triggers that make people want to throw their credit card information at you.

You need to know what to say at the right time in order to hit the emotions of your visitor so they will take action and BUY from YOU.

So if you’re wondering what’s the secret that these super gurus are holding out on you, it’s this.

They have a super high converting product, and that’s what they focus on.

They don’t worry about getting traffic, because they KNOW for a fact if their product converts, the traffic will come.

So the moral of the story?

Start making good quality converting products!

Please leave a comment and tell me what you think below!

Rob Wiser

Rob Wiser

Co-Founder at Art Of IM
Rob Wiser is the co-founder of Art Of IM, which is dedicated to helping internet marketers break through to new levels of success online. On this site, Rob and his partner Jackson Lin reveal many of the strategies they personally use to grow their online businesses.
Rob Wiser

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  1. Chandan
    7 years ago

    So they are more of a product owner than an affiliate. Enjoyed reading it.

    • Art Of IM
      7 years ago

      Well, because they own products, it allows them to become a SUPER affiliate easier. Remember, as a product owner you sell your own product, but you can also promote other people. But at the same time, AFFILIATES build your business for you.

  2. Jim
    7 years ago

    The big boys might not rely on Google traffic but most of their affiliates do. So, I bet the Travis Sago’s of the world are making less money now than they did before Penguin reared its ugly head. I know I am not making much money for those guys anymore.

    • Art Of IM
      7 years ago

      Yes, the big boys talk about media buys. In fact I know Travis is also getting into media buys. So you have to look to other sources of traffic. Or you make products.