Social Media SHOCKER: Is THIS The Future Of SEO?

Hey folks, Jackson Lin here. Remember how a few posts ago, I said I’d show you a NINJA technique of getting backlinks to your money site that Google actually likes…that’s 100% hands-free for you?

Well, I’m ready to reveal this technique to you…because ever since Google’s Panda algorithm has come along, a lot of people have been asking me, “how am I supposed to build links that Google LIKES?”

“Is SEO dead?” they wondered.

Most of all, people kept asking me how they can get automated links that are Google friendly — links that actually MOVE THEM UP in the search rankings, rather than harming their site.

Let me pull up that image I drew to remind you:

Today, I’m going to reveal to you one of the “Green Sources” to get links to your money site. (In my diagram, the “Green Links” are some of the most powerful of all.)

As you should know by now, a lot of SEO experts are stressing the importance of getting social links from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus one, Digg, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, etc.

They say that these social media links are a powerful way to show Google that your site is relevant and high-quality. After all, if a website on article is TRULY popular, then REAL people will “vote for it” with their social media accounts.

Google now sees social signals as another layer of confirmation relating to a site’s quality. They also make a site appear more “real.” If a site has thousands of back links but only a couple of social links, won’t that look strange to Google? Nowadays, if a site really is popular and relevant, it’s naturally going to get Facebook Likes and people are going to Tweet about it.

This is why the SEO world started to wonder, “so where can I get automated social links for my sites?”

Now look, we’re not talking about paying someone on to blast 100 “Likes” to your page. That won’t earn you any love from Google. Actually, it looks very unnatural and it only raises red flags.

We’re talking about something MUCH MORE NINJA and under the radar and totally automated…

I’m talk about gradually getting votes for your pages each and every day, so it looks like it slowly accumulates (like how REAL visitors would vote for your site).

I’m going to let Rob Wiser explain it here:

Rob Wiser Explains How SYNND Works

You should know by now that Social Media is a critical element of getting your site “respect” from Google. We all want to get Facebook “likes,” Google Plus votes, and people Tweeting our links all over the Internet. And personally, I’ve seen the instant traffic that can pour into your site when one of your blog posts or videos gets “bookmarked” on services such as Stumbleupon, Digg, and Reddit.

But this is about more than getting free traffic. Social media interactivity — having your website visitors engage with your content, and share it with others — is now one of the key indicators that Google uses when evaluating your website and determining its quality. And this makes perfect sense.

When a blog post gets bookmarked, “liked” and Tweeted by hundreds (or thousands) of people, it’s obviously because people are finding the information interesting and relevant. Therefore, when Google sees this “social activity,” they will reward you in the search engine rankings accordingly.

That’s why I was so intrigued when I discovered a new service called SYNND. Basically, it’s software combined with a collaborative network of members who share and “upvote” each other’s content. The interface allows you to set up campaigns to have your content shared, bookmarked and voted for on a wide array of social sites.

Currently, Synnd has well over 5,000 members who, between them, have more than 500,000 accounts with social media sites. They’ll promote your content, and in turn, you’ll promote theirs. But here’s the really cool thing: it happens automatically, so you don’t need to do any “manual” sharing!

Click Here To Try Out SYNND Today

Just imagine submitting the URL for your latest blog post, or video, and THOUSANDS of real people (with real social media accounts, and unique I.P. addresses) instantly start sharing it on Facebook, Digg, Twitter, and so on. Not only does this make your content “go viral,” it also sends Google a powerful signal that your content is getting a LOT of buzz and deserves to a high ranking for the term you’re going for.

The “Secret Power” Of SYNND

The first component of SYNND is an online application that you log into, which allows you to create and keep track of your campaigns. The second part of SYNND is a small application called the “remote automator” that you download and install on your computer.

This automator will automatically create accounts and do promotions for other SYNND members (this happens silently in the background, while you work on other things). As this is happening, the automators of thousands of SYNND members are doing the same for you. (Currently, SYNND functions with 15 different social sites.)

Because the remote automator actually runs FROM your computer, each “vote” you’re getting for all intents and purposes is a “real vote” from a “real account”. That’s why this technique is SO NINJA and under the radar. The application doesn’t leave a “foot print” because it’s all from your own computer and not through an online shared device.

Unleashing An Effective SYNND Campaign

Even with automated upvoting, not every type of content is going to create a viral sensation. (For example, a blog post about a hemorrhoid cream product won’t create the same interest as a post that is hilarious/weird/super informative, etc.)

So, in order to truly create a “viral sensation,” you’ll want to write a blog post that really sheds new light on your topic. Or shoot a video that people will enjoy. You don’t NEED to do this in order to get incredible benefits from SYNND, but if you can come up with some content that truly has “viral potential,” you will get EXPLOSIVE results from using SYNND.

Whatever type of content you’re putting out, SYNND offers a powerful, fully-automated way to get HUGE number of social signals and back links from real social media users. We love SYNND for a lot of reasons, one of which is that these social links are a great way to diversify your back links and make your website’s link profile look natural and legitimate. Give it a look — we think you’ll be pretty impressed!

Click Here To Try Out SYNND Today

Rob Wiser

Rob Wiser

Co-Founder at Art Of IM
Rob Wiser is the co-founder of Art Of IM, which is dedicated to helping internet marketers break through to new levels of success online. On this site, Rob and his partner Jackson Lin reveal many of the strategies they personally use to grow their online businesses.
Rob Wiser

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    Hey Rob,

    im looking around for Synnd for about 3 month, reading reviews, videos and all that stuff. Synnd is really the new way of backlinking, no footprints nothing. Will be buying trough your aff link within the next 14 days. Do you have an idea how to recover a pandea slapped site using BMR??

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    Shane Melaugh made a report on using Synnd and he thought that their service was ineffective