SEO Mastermind Secrets (Part 2)

Here’s Part Two of a powerful 4-part training session I created for affiliates of Ex Back Experts and Magnetic Messaging. I sat down with Tony Almeida, one of the top product creators on Clickbank, at the “Art Of IM” compound in the Philippines to shoot these videos. You’re about to learn the exact SEO methods and strategies we use to drive massive traffic to our sites. In fact, I even took the time to transcribe the points to make sure you would get maximum benefit from the videos.

I hope you enjoy them!

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Tip 3 – how to get quality content the cheap and easy way

Now you might be thinking “well Tony and Jackson, it’s very easy for you to sit back and say make quality sites and target long tail keywords, but where do I get the content for the things you’re telling me to make?”.

Let’s face it, when you want to get traffic to your site you either have CASH (buy visitors and pay for them to come by advertising) or you have CONTENT, that is have an awesome site that people just want to visit anyway.

Well pay attention, because we’re also going to tell you how to get high quality content for cheap or for FREE!

Method 1

Ask the product owner for high quality articles so that you can either rewrite yourself or pay someone else to rewrite for you. I have never been turned down in my life by asking for content from a product owner and telling them I will promote them.

One trick you can do is approach 10 different product owners and ask them for 10 articles.  If you do that, you’ll have 100 articles that will be targeted to promoted 10 different products, and you know the article content that you have will be geared towards preselling the product you eventually promote.  So you’ll be able to make a 100 page website without doing any research what so ever!

In fact, I have done the keyword research and given you the 100 articles you need here! Click here to download it!

How cool is that!

Just make sure you do take the time to re-write the article, because if you put up duplicate content it’s not going to help you.

If you’re too lazy to re-write the articles, there are plenty of writers on these sites that will do it for you for cheap:

I have found that if you want to get cheap re-writes, as cheap as $2 or $3 an article, you need to order in BULK, so get 100 articles from 10 different product owners (or check out our resources and we’ll give you PLENTY of articles), then contact vendors individually on or and tell them you want a BULK order. You are often able to push down the prices by up to 50% just because you ordered 100 instead of just 1.

Method 2

Buying content is probably the fastest way to get content and making sure it is good quality. Why? Because you’re able to NOT pay people if they do a poor job!

I have been able to get articles as cheap as $5 an article written by native English speakers living in the USA from these sites:

The trick to getting cheap content once again is ordering them in bulk. If you put up a project bid of $5, no one is going to take you seriously. But if you say you want a BULK ORDER of 20 articles a batch and bid $100, you’re going to get people who will take you seriously.

How do you get quality articles? Simply show the writer an example what kind of article you like, for example if you like articles like this:

Tell the writer they need to write TWO x 500 word articles so that they are in two parts, but will be able to be put together as one big article about one topic.

That’s what I did for that site, and the quality of content is very good.

How do you check if the content is unique?

I use this site called:

This site scours the internet and tells you if the article that your writer wrote is in fact unique or stolen online.

Another highly recommend resource is:

Although this site is a bit more pricey, because they charge you per word, you should be able to get perfect articles if you choose “3 stars average” rated articles, as they have a system in place that automatically verifies whether or not the content passes copyscape and whether or not it was stolen or duplicate from another site.

Method 3

5 ninja ways of repurposing pillar content.

What we strongly recommend you to do, apart from having “cheap articles” on your site, you should put $100 aside and get 5 x $20 articles from fantastic writers for 1000 to 1500 word super quality articles. You can find the best ones on if you pay a bit more.

What you want to do after you get 5 awesome pieces of content is use the following ninja way of repurposing and rewriting the same article so that it turns out different and unique, but since they were derived from the best content you’ll have 5 variations for each of the articles, so you’ll end up with 25 super awesome articles that will be seen as “pillar content” on your site.

You can rewrite your article in the following 5 ways:

  • Turn the article into a Q&A article – look through the main points of the article and reword it so that you make it a “Question” and “Answer” type of article.
  • Turn the article into a story – look through the article, rework so that the tips are revealed through a story. For example, “my friend Johnny recently had trouble getting his girlfriend back, he tried everything, he was texting her and it failed” and then elaborate a bit more on the story and reveal the technique taught in the article in the story such as “and finally Johnny got his girlfriend back when he stopped being so needy and desperate and gave her time apart. So the morale of the story is stop  being so desperate, go out and have some fun with yourself, improve your own life before you try to get her back”.
  • Turn the article into a Top 5 or Top 10 list – this one is easy, just list out the main things you should or should not do in regards to the topic. Such as “the top 10 things you should NEVER text a girl”.
  • Turn the article into a “step by step guide” – so you take the main points of the article and change it so that instead of it being a generic how to article, you reword it so that it’s “10 steps to get your ex back” or “10 steps to get a girl on a date over text”.
  • Turn the article into “top MISTAKES” to avoid – look at the article and reword it so that the information is given in a “DO NOT DO THIS” kind of way. Such as “top 10 mistakes to avoid when getting your ex back”.

So essentially you can turn 5 good articles into 25 awesome articles and you’ll have a solid site with good articles in relation to your niche.

Method 4 – Repurposing the content

Instead of just having your articles on a website and letting it sit there what you can do is repurpose it!

Record yourself reading the article, or pay someone on to do it for $5 and copy and paste the main points onto a powerpoint presentation. You can then submit them to:

Not only will you get a trickle of traffic from these places, you’ll be able to get legitimate backlinks from these websites.

To really supercharge this, you can once again use and upload your videos to 20 other video sites to get even more exposure and backlinks!

Just a tip for YouTube videos to get traction. In order to get your video getting noticed, you should go to to buy views and likes and comments. Once your video starts getting a few of these “artificial” views and likes, they normally start taking on a life of its own.

Also, if you don’t want to do the work or feel uncomfortable having your voice heard online, guess what, you can use again and find someone else who’s willing to do it for you for cheap!

I have a strategy where I hire attractive females on to make relationship and dating videos for my products. Why? Because guys watch the video simply because the presenter is an extremely attractive woman and it generates attention!

The best thing is, I don’t do any of the work and I get a better result for $5 a video!

Here’s an example of the videos that were created by presenters from

Tip 4 – Use social networking properly

Make sure you Use Facebook and create a fan page!

For example, if you’re in texting niche or if you’re in the ex back market

What you want to do is then start getting Facebook likes.

So you link your Facebook fan page to your own websites and collect likes and start building a brand. Not only will you build a following on Facebook, but over time you’ll get incredible leverage on your Facebook Notes.

Here’s a quick recap of the benefits of Facebook Notes:

  • Rank very well in Google
  • Do not give you do follow links, but they have a lot of authority and are able to get on the first page of the search engines without much SEO
  • So you can still get some link benefits
  • However, you can also add an affiliate link to the bottom of your Facebook note and embed a link to your money site within the content, so you have links to both you affiliate offer and your own website
  • You can also set up a Twitter account that automatically pulls in information from Facebook, your niche blogs, your authority sites to your Twitter account. This way you get a tweet automatically.
  • You then set up Twitter and link it with Facebook and also with YouTube. This creates an endless amount of tweets and links pointing back to your sites


  • Facebook and Twitter and YouTube and any other social media site that is NOT yours. Make sure you have MULTIPLE accounts, because they are known to shut down your accounts for no reason.
  • Make sure you diversify your risk. There’s nothing worse than building up a single account with millions of views then having YouTube shut it down for “apparent” violation of their terms of services – with no warning!

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Rob Wiser

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