SEO Mastermind Secrets (Part 1)

Hey, this is Jackson Lin and I’m going to give you a highly detailed 4-part SEO training session I created for our affiliates.

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Now let’s get to the lessons. In these videos, I sat down with our friend Tony Almeida, one of the top product creators and marketers on Clickbank, to discuss the SEO strategies we use to drive traffic to our sites. (I even took the time to transcribe these videos, to make sure you get maximum benefit from them.)

I hope you enjoy them!

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Sorry for the delay in updates, we have been very busy working on our niche products.

In fact, we had a major mastermind with some of the best marketers on Clickbank and we teamed up to give our affiliates awesome training.

In fact, the training was so good, I thought I’d share it with our Art of IM readers because it’s highly relevant and full  of actionable content.

It’s Tony (Bobby Rio) from Magnetic Messaging and Jackson Lin (from a co creator of Ex Back Experts and in today’s training module we’re going to show you what works and what doesn’t work for SEO after the Google Penguin and Panda updates.

There are 6 main points about how to do SEO to rank your affiliate sites so that you can make money promoting both Magnetic Messaging and Ex Back Experts!

We highly recommend that you should promote both offers, because not only are they complimentary (so they are not competing) but many guys often want to learn how to improve their game with women because they were dumped by their ex. So it’s easy to sell to them both products.

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Tip 1 – The type of sites you should be building

In general there are two types of websites you can create, and they are:

Authority Sites – these are bigger sites that cover a whole range of topics in a broad area. For example you can have an authority site for men’s lifestyle living like or you can have a smaller more defined authority site for men’s dating like The main thing to keep in mind with these kind of sites is that they are much bigger to create and you would need a lot more content in order to get them going. Here’s an example of a an authority site in the female market:

The beauty about these sites is once you get a presence in the niche and start building authority, you don’t really need to do much SEO and you can start ranking for most keywords in relation to the market you’re in. For example, ranks for nearly every keyword Tony tries to go for as long as the demographics are suitable to men.

The disadvantages are that these kind of sites take a LONG time to build up significant traffic and it requires a lot more time and effort to create. It would often take years to build something up like this.

Niche Mini Sites (Micro Niche Sites) – these are much more narrow in scope and are much easier to build. Most of the time they are focused around one specific topic, like how to get your ex back, like this site: or even a more narrowly defined sub niche, like how to get your ex boyfriend back, like this site:

Here’s another niche mini site, and it contains a lot of information about how to text a girl so that she will be attracted to you. Notice that the site is extremely limited in scope, and doesn’t cover other topics in relation to dating. The way the site is laid out is very systematic and organized, and includes categories like: Flirting and How To Talk To A Girl, but in a texting context.

The advantages about these sites is that they are much simpler to create. You can have a micro niche site with just 5 to 10 pages worth of content and you can start targeting extremely specific keywords and start making sales.  Also, since these sites are so small, it’s easy to set up relevant categories within these sites and makes it much easier for the search engines to index and give you rankings for.

However, these sites do not offer an ability to scale beyond the narrow niche you define. For example, if you had a domain name like: the only kind of content that would make sense on your site would be information geared towards women trying to get their ex boyfriends back. You couldn’t have general articles about how to attract women or how to get your ex girlfriend back, as it wouldn’t fit within the theme of the site.

Tip 2 – The difference between long tail and high traffic keywords

  • High traffic keyword = Keywords with search volume over 3000 a month.
  • Long tail keyword = Keywords with more than 3 words in the search phrase, like “how to text my ex boyfriend back after he dumped me”, this search phrase has 11 words in it.

We strongly recommend that you go for long tail keywords.


Unless you have an authority site like you’re going to have an uphill battle ranking for high traffic keywords.

I know in the past, before the Panda and Penguin updates hit, you could often outrank a site with more authority than you by throwing enough links at it. However, since the updates, things have changed now.

It’s all about age and authority and it will be extremely difficult as a newbie to start ranking for high traffic keywords. This simply because every man and their dog is also going for these keywords also, not to mention the other super sites in the market who have better reputation in the eyes of the search engines.

The other unknown fact about long tail keywords is the fact that they make up the VAST MAJORITY of the searches on Google. Research has revealed more than 70% of searches on Google are for long tail search strings, rather than “high traffic” keywords.

So in other words, there’s a lot of low hanging fruit for you to pick if you target long tail keywords.

Also, did you know that the conversion rate for people arriving at your site for long tail keywords is much higher?

So if you create a site focused around longer tail keywords, not only would you be able to rank much quicker and easier (not many people are going to write an article about “how to text my ex girlfriend back”) but the quality of visitors arriving on your site would be much better. They would have filtered themselves out before arriving at your site, so the chances of converting them into a sale is much higher!

I know that you might be thinking, the traffic numbers for long tail keywords is much lower and it’s not worth your effort to write articles to cover these keywords, but guess what? You’re competitors are also thinking the same thing so there are NO articles out there about specific problems people want solutions to!

So instead of targeting a single high traffic keyword with 3000 hits or more a month and spending a fortune doing SEO on it (not to mention most of the time you will NOT get ranked for these keywords anyway because you will not have enough authority), why don’t you create 10 articles for easier to rank keywords with a few hundreds of hits a month? Not only would you be able to rank faster for these keywords, you will have a higher level of conversions and make more money much quicker in the long run!

If you’re wondering what are the long tail keywords you should be targeting? Well the good news is, we’ve made things easy for you!

Click here to download a spreadsheet that contains long tail keyword variations for Magnetic Messaging and Ex Back Experts.

To further explain my point about long tail keywords, I even made a video here!

Click Here For Part 1

Click Here For Part 2

Click Here For Part 3

Click Here For Part 4

Rob Wiser

Rob Wiser

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Rob Wiser is the co-founder of Art Of IM, which is dedicated to helping internet marketers break through to new levels of success online. On this site, Rob and his partner Jackson Lin reveal many of the strategies they personally use to grow their online businesses.
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