How To Use Clickbank To Make A Fortune Online

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How To Use Clickbank To Make A Fortune Online

Many people who are new to internet marketing start out by becoming an affiliate for information products.

An information product, as we define it, is a digital product (usually an e-book) which helps people to solve a problem or gain more knowledge about a topic.

You might be shocked to hear how much money some of these simple e-books are generating for their creators. I know numerous multi-millionaires who earn thousands of dollars per day just from selling their e-books online.

From “how to get six pack abs” to “how to pick up women” to “how to cure acne,” there are a wealth of different niches which internet marketers are cashing in on.

Since most internet marketers who get into this business don’t have their own product to sell (yet), they’ll typically set up a website and promote other people’s products, which pay them a commission for each sale they make.

Affiliate networks bring large numbers of merchants (the product creators) and affiliate marketers together. They’re like online marketplaces where affiliates can learn about different products to promote, the commission percentages of each product, and so forth.

Affiliate Network

Our favorite affiliate network is called Clickbank. I’ll get into the nuts and bolts of Clickbank in a moment, essentially it’s a full backend system for selling affiliate products and tracking sales using some amazing analytics.

If you’re a vendor (a product creator), you create an account with Clickbank and then submit your product to them for approval. Once Clickbank ok’s it, you can list in the Clickbank marketplace.

Affiliates, meanwhile, can sign up for a free account on Clickbank and look for products to promote. For example, if I’ve got a website that gives health and fitness tips, I can run a search on Clickbank to see the products in the Health & Fitness category. Here’s a screenshot of what I would see:

At the top of that screenshot, you can see a box that allows you to “sort results” by different criteria.

You’ll also see a red button that says “promote” next to each listing in the marketplace. When you click this button, Clickbank will generate a unique affiliate link for you. You’ll then use this link whenever you promote that product — by using the link in banner ads, including it in a blog post you write about the product, or maybe including it in an email that you send out to your subscribers to tell them about the product.

Every time someone clicks on that link, goes to the vendor’s sales page, and buys the product, your sale gets tracked. Clickbank instantly and automatically pays the commission into your Clickbank account. One of the great things about Clickbank is that it acts as the “middle man” for every transaction. You don’t need to worry about shady vendors not paying you. We’ve been using Clickbank for years, and not once have they been late in paying us. You can be paid with checks in the mail, or you can give them your bank account information so that the money will be deposited into your bank account (every week, twice a month, or whenever you specify).

Clickbank takes a percentage of each transaction, as its fee. It’s well worth it.

ClickBank Affiliates

Clickbank Affiliate


Clickbank affiliates are internet marketers who are promoting products that are available in the Clickbank marketplace. They receive a percentage of each sale they are responsible for.

The amount of this percentage (or commission) is set by the vendor. As you can see in the screenshot above, The Venus Factor (currently the top-selling product on Clickbank) gives a 75% commission to affiliates. (This is shown in the “Stats” section. Avg. % sale is 75.0%.)

This means that when you promote this product as an affiliate, you’ll keep 75% of each sale. (The product probably costs around $47.)

75% commissions are pretty standard for popular Clickbank products. If you’re wondering how it’s possible to get rich as a vendor when you give away 75% of each sale to your affiliates, believe me, the folks behind these top-selling products are making BOATLOADS of money. They may give out 75% on the “front end,” but they’ve also got “upsells” (additional products) they pitch to their customers, and affiliates are getting nowhere near 75% of that money. Plus, the vendor is capturing all of these leads. They’re adding each customer to their mailing list, and are selling more products to them in the future.

Becoming an affiliate marketer involves you setting up a website of some kind that talks about various products related to your topic, and attempting to drive potential visitors through your affiliate link to the product sales pages.

For example, if we’re going to promote The Venus Factor on our fitness blog, we could publish an article called “7 Quick Fat-Burning Tips For Women.”

At the bottom of the article, we could put:

Click Here: Free Presentation For Women Reveals How To Get Your Dream Body

That link is coded with our unique Clickbank affiliate link. If you click it, you’ll be taken to the sales page for The Venus Factor. Our Clickbank link tracks everything.

Clickbank Vendors

Clickbank Vendor

Now, onto the vendors. These are the folks that have a product to sell. Some vendors are highly experienced marketers, with expertly designed sales pages which do a tremendous job of converting the traffic you send into customers. These are the types of products you’ll want to promote as an affiliate.

(If you sort the results in the Clickbank marketplace by “Gravity,” you can see the products in a particular niche which have the highest number of affiliates promoting them and making money. When a product has high Gravity score, it’s a clear sign that it is converting for many affiliates, so you’ll probably want to make money with it, too.)

So, while the vendors are working on ways to generate their own traffic, and build up their mailing lists, they’re also relying on their affiliates to send them traffic.

The best Clickbank vendors provide affiliates with everything that they need to promote what they are trying to sell. They’ll supply you with banners, articles, email swipes to send out to your mailing list, etc.

Clickbank Analytics

Clickbank Analytics

Getting further into the nuts and bolts of how all of this runs, Clickbank provides an extremely secure system for managing practically every aspect of your sales. You can see how many “clicks” you are sending to each product you are promoting, the average amount of money you’re earning for each click you send (“EPC,” or “Earnings Per Click), and many other stats. As an affiliate marketer, this will help you to decide which products you should focus on promoting, and which ones are not worth the effort.

Vendors can see how many affiliates are promoting their product, how many clicks they’re sending, how much their affiliates are earning, and so on.

Reasons We Love Clickbank

While there are many affiliate networks out there, we run nearly all of our sales and affiliate promotions through Clickbank for the following reaons:

1. The trust factor. With Clickbank, you’ll never need to worry about being paid your commissions. They pay like clockwork.

2. As vendors, Clickbank handles the headaches for us. They process the payments. If a customer requests a refund, Clickbank takes care of the refund.

3. The Clickbank marketplace. By listing our products in the marketplace, we get exposure to THOUSANDS of affiliate marketers around the world who are looking for products to promote. And whenever we want to make money by promoting other people’s products, the marketplace makes it quick and easy for us to identify strong products and get our links.

4. Big commissions. If you’re running Google ads on your website, you’re only going to make pocket change unless your site gets monstrous amounts of traffic. By promoting Clickbank products (which could simply mean slapping a couple of banners on your site instead of Google ads), you can make $30, $50 or even $100 per sale!

The bottom line is, is you aren’t using Clickbank as part of your strategy to make money online, you’re missing out. Their marketplace has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, and at this point, they have digital information products for you to promote in pretty much every niche imaginable.

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