How To Turbo Charge Your Website Traffic

how to get more website traffic

How To Turbo Charge Your Website TrafficYou can have a brilliant product or a fascinating blog, but if nobody knows about your website — in other words, if you’re only getting a trickle of traffic — it isn’t going to put any money in your pockets.

Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business. The more traffic you get, the more opportunities you have to make sales, capture leads, and so on. But in order to build your traffic up to a respectable level — and then keep growing it — you’ll have to roll up your sleeves and put in some work.

When you don’t take a proactive approach to promoting your website, you’re like a guy at a nightclub who keeps his mouth shut, lurking in the corner and not saying a word to anyone. The chances of this guy going home alone are pretty darn high.

The same concept applies to how you promote your website and draw traffic to it. There are billions of people in the world with internet access, and you want to get as many eyes on your site as humanly possible. Here are some tactics and strategies you can use to get your website more exposure, and to lure more visitors.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #1: Guest Blogging


I’m putting this one at the top of my list because it’s probably one of the biggest things you should focus on. Basically, with guest blogging, you post on somebody else’s blog (usually on a website that has far more visibility than your own) and give them free content. In exchange, they allow you to plug your website (usually with a short bio on you at the end, in which you place a link to your site.) Sounds pretty damn fair if you ask me. They get free content; you get exposure to their audience, plus a link (which is also helpful from an SEO standpoint).

How To Get More Trafic, Tactic #2: Video Marketing

Video Marketing

Simply creating a short (2-5 minute) video several times per week, and uploading it to YouTube can be a tremendous way to improve your traffic. (Keep in mind, YouTube is the #2 search engine, behind Google; nowadays, many people search YouTube when they want to learn about something, instead of searching it on Google.) Say for example you’ve got a website that talks about auto repair. A few times a week, you release a short little 90-second video that focuses on how to fix something small on a car. At the bottom of the screen, you put the address to your website, where people can find out other stuff about cars. (If you are going to use Video Marketing to get more website traffic, make sure that you update regularly. People are finicky with their loyalty nowadays, and will move onto the next website or YouTube video channel if you stop updating regularly.)

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #3: Podcasting


Podcasting is just like video marketing, except just about every podcast is in an audio format. While they can done as videos, podcasts are usually downloaded on the go and don’t take up all that much space on a smartphone. All you really need to start a podcast is an edited mp3 file and an RSS feed, and adding the thing to Itunes will give you access to an audience that can range into the tens of millions.

However, although your chances at a sustainable audience might be higher, the workload is increased as well. With a video, you really only have to put at most a few minutes into it not including edit time. A podcast you have to dedicate around an hour like a regular radio show. And you have to be able to be engaging for more than a couple of minutes. Or just hire a really talkative co-host.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #4: Social Sharing

Social Sharing

Unless you’re one of those people that during the Y2K scare crawled into a bomb shelter and welded the thing shut from the inside you’ve obviously heard about Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Pinterest and about five hundred (I’m not joking) social media sites that are out there. If you are one of those people that did weld yourself in a bomb shelter, my sincerest apologies. Yeah, George W. Bush….crazy isn’t it?

Anyway, there’s literally hundreds of knockoffs of the most popular ones, each with varying degrees of audience participation. But the one thing that every last one of them has in common is their purpose; to share cool stuff with the world. If you’ve got a website, blog, video, picture of your dinner, or song you just wrote that you think the rest of the world should think is cool, then share it and hopefully enough people will share it too.

With a little bit of luck and the right amount of placement, you can make your site into the next internet sensation — strictly through word of mouth.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #5: Blog Carnivals

Blog Carnival

Creating a blog carnival in your niche can help you strengthen relationships with marketing partners and tap into an awesome new traffic source. You don’t have to be the creator either. You can find blog carnivals that are already running and join them. Besides, it’s got the word carnival in it. What’s better than a damn carnival!
These blog carnivals are made up of a group of bloggers blogging about a specific topic in their industry for a pre-determined length of time. Sometimes they are recurring events that happen monthly, quarterly, or yearly. They are fun for the audience because they get to hear from many different people about the topic and fun for the blog owners because they build a new audience.

Joining a blog carnival is easy, just Google niche “blog carnival” but replace the word niche with your blogs topic. Then contact the organizer to ask if there’s room for one more. Just bring your own cotton candy and dunk tank.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #6: Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising

Getting more website traffic with this method is probably one of the oldest, most tried & true methods around. You pay someone to buy space on their website, that’s banner advertising. Banner ads have been around for quite honestly decades now and aren’t going away anytime soon.

You can either find your own deals by searching out websites in your market and approaching them individually, or you can use a banner network. With a banner network you just tell them what type of traffic you want and you get to pick through their catalog of websites, locations, and banner sizes available.

One big secret to banner ads is to make your banners NOT look like an advertisement. You have to make it look like a cool picture that the person clicks on to get perhaps a better look at and then the next thing they know they are led to a page for your product or service.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #7: Comment On Blogs

Comment On Blog

Another great way to get the popularity of your site up is to comment on other people’s blogs. Doing this basically says to the owner of the blog that you want to join in on the fun that they are having and they will in turn get people to join in on the fun you are having. Just make sure that you have something pertinent to say to the conversation otherwise you’ll just look like an ass that comments on everything.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #8: Torrent Marketing

Torrent Marketing

This one is mainly for software marketers but can be adapted for anyone. Basically a torrent is a little file that tells a network about a free download you have made available. Come on now, stop looking around the room like you don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’ve watched a movie of a television show at home in the past eight or nine years, then you know exactly what the hell a torrent is.

When people browse for these torrents they’ll get to download the file you’ve associated with it. This is AWESOME for anyone who wants to get a lot of people downloading their free demo.
It’s free and all it takes is downloading the software to submit your torrent to the directories, creating your torrent file, and submitting it to the networks. Besides, it doesn’t hurt taking the latest episode of a popular television show and putting your demo into the file package. People leave those things on your windshield at sporting events all the time, so it’s fair game as far as I am concerned.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #9: Adswaps


These can be really lucrative and really disappointing at the same time. For an adswap to happen, two list owners agreeing to mail out an endorsement to their list for the other persons offer. Usually each person sends the traffic to the other persons squeeze page so they both build their lists even bigger.

The risk is that the other guys list might be really unresponsive. Meaning you both might have 2,000 email subscribers and you send him 500 new subscribers but he only sends you 100… Or worse none at all (which I’ve had happen). It’s important to find people you trust and who will be able to deliver results similar to your own. Otherwise, you’re going to be doing a hell of a lot of work for somebody else and they basically leave town when it’s time to do their part.
Doesn’t just have to be email lists either, could be blog subscribers, or even just a banner placement on each other’s websites. Anything that is mutually beneficial to you and the other party. Just remember to hold up your end of the bargain.

How To Get More Traffic, Tactic #10: Contest Marketing

Contest Marketing

I absolutely love this method! You can get just about anything you want with the power of contest marketing; more RSS subscribers, more sales, more traffic, more backlinks. Limited only by your creativity and bravery.

All you need to do is offer a prize to the winner and then name the terms of the contest. For example, win an iPad by commenting on this Youtube video, but the winner will be determined by the commenter who gets the most likes on his comment. The social proof and buzz that can be built up through a good contest is awesome.

Normally, instead of something usual like an iPad, I use a highly desirable gift to my specific market. Then I give them 3 steps to take; register, promote the contest, and be the best promoter. I’ve done a lot with contests and even helped a friend make over nine thousand dollars launching his four week coaching course with a contest. He had probably one of the greatest ideas that I’ve ever seen in terms of a contest. The applicants had to do the normal course of things like I just described, only they had to list their favorite chain restaurant in the application. Seemed to be an odd thing at the start and I’m willing to bet that a lot of the people that applied thought the same thing as well. But when the prize came everyone was pretty much stunned and the winner was in awe at how cool and inventive the prize was.

For privacy reasons, I can’t give the winner’s name or location, but I can say that he had been married less than a year. The prize was a fifty dollar gift certificate to him and his wife’s favorite restaurant. Every week. For three months. Now, to the average person you might think that spending six hundred bucks for a contest prize is a bit much. However, when you would look at the ad revenue and see that he made that six hundred bucks back in the first day or so of the contest; it almost seems like small potatoes in comparison.


There are about as many ways to draw traffic to your website as there are stars in the sky. One of the keys to success is keeping an eye on your statistics and seeing which strategies are working, and which are not. Scrap the tactics that are only getting you a few hits here and there, and focus your efforts on the strategies that seem to be building momentum for your website.

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Rob Wiser

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