How To Create Your Own Massively Profitable Digital Information Product

Hey, Rob Wiser here. I want to share with you some very powerful, valuable advice about ramping up your online income and BREAKING THROUGH to the next level.

All of the super-successful people I know in the internet marketing world are product creators: they’ve developed their own information products in a particular niche. It might be an ebook on fat burning secrets. It might be an mp3 audio course on “how to stop procrastinating and get motivated.” It could be a series of online videos that teach people how to play guitar, or train their dog, or beat a hot new video game!

There are digital information products on every topic you can imagine. Most, however, are not very profitable, because the creators of these products don’t understand how to effectively market them.

In order to be successful at this, you’ve got to know:

1) How to create (and package) a product that meets a need in the marketplace

2) How to drive traffic to your website and SELL your product effectively (this is accomplished by creating an effective sales page and “sales funnel”)

3) Then there’s the third component, which truly is the key to skyrocketing your income and becoming a “Product Mogul” — and I reveal it in the video below 🙂

Personally, I’ve created over 15 products in several different niches — but I have friends who are still making a very comfortable living from a single digital product they created over five years ago! These products cost them barely anything to create, and yet to this day, they make sales and generate income literally while they are sleeping.

So right now, if you’re strictly focused on affiliate marketing — promoting other people’s products in the hopes of earning commissions — you’re missing out on the big money.

Don’t get me wrong, affiliate marketing is a terrific way to make money online. I promote many products created by other people. But I do this as a complement to my own products. For example, if I’ve got a course for men on how to be more attractive to women, I’ll make sure they buy MY product first. Then, by using my mailing list, I’ll promote similar products by other people to those customers.

But when you don’t have your own products, and you’re only promoting others,

In the video below, I’m going to explain the massive benefits of creating your own digital information product, and shred some of the myths that might be holding you back from taking this step. This product can simply consist of an ebook on the topic of your choice, or even better, you can bundle your ebook together with other digital products and bonuses to create a higher-value (and higher-cost) package.

You may be thinking to yourself, “But what would my product be ABOUT? I’m not an expert on anything (or at least, not on anything that people would pay money to learn about)…”

In the video below, I’m going to dispel this notion. The truth is, you don’t need to be an “expert” or an “authority” in order to create a highly profitable information product. In fact, you don’t even need to create the product yourself. It can all be outsourced at unbelievably cheap prices.

I’m also going to explain the biggest benefit of all. Watch the video to find out — this information just might set you on a new path to financial freedom, as it did for me.

How To Become Financially Free By Creating One Simple Little E-Book (Click To Watch)

Rob Wiser

Rob Wiser

Co-Founder at Art Of IM
Rob Wiser is the co-founder of Art Of IM, which is dedicated to helping internet marketers break through to new levels of success online. On this site, Rob and his partner Jackson Lin reveal many of the strategies they personally use to grow their online businesses.
Rob Wiser

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