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If you’re a complete newbie struggling to get your foot in the door of internet marketing, then this will sound familiar:

  1. You get an email from some guru, telling you another guru has this awesome product/software that you can make money online in like 3 clicks or 7 days
  2. You think to yourself “awesome! This sounds great, I’ll give it a try”
  3. So you buy the product/software…
  4. It turns out to be total rubbish and you once again feel “gutted”

Trust me, I know that feeling all too well myself.

In fact, at the start of my internet marketing journey I repeated the same process over and over and over again.

It was as if I was addicted to buying low quality and scammy products.

Oh by the way, if you’re lazy to read, I made this post into a video, so you can watch it here:

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I was on the verge on giving up, until one day, I bought yet another “push button software” that had a “FREE BONUS” to a training program.

Suffice to say the push button software was totally horrible and didn’t do anything. I think it was a WordPress installer? Anyways, it was total junk, but what did save me from asking for a refund as the “FREE BONUS”.

It turned out the FREE BONUS being offered was a series of training videos from Mark Ling and Affilorama.

My gosh, the amount of training available in that “FREE BONUS” outweighed the training that I got from probably 10 courses that I paid for! It was THAT GOOD!

So I was like “oh wow, if this guy’s FREE Training is that amazing, imagine how good his paid stuff is”.

So that’s how I got introduced to Affilorama and Mark Ling.

My personal funny story about Affilorama, internet marketing and dating…

The story is actually really funny.

A few years ago, my ex girlfriend broke up with me and I was totally shattered and distraught at the time.

So I went online and typed him “how to get your ex back”.

I saw a PPC ad on Google and immediately bought the ebook that was promising how to get my ex back.

It turns out that Ebook was by Meet Your Sweet, which is also owned by Mark.

I actually bought Mark Ling’s products before I even realized what internet marketing was at the time!

Now if you’re wondering if I got my ex back, the short answer is yes and no. Yes, she wanted to get back with me but I didn’t want to anymore. So if you’re wondering if the guide worked, yes it did work!

Now back to Affilorama.

Initially I was like “hmmm… since I’ve paid for so many low quality and scammy products on  Clickbank, I am NOT going to spend any more money”.

So I just signed up for the “free membership” available at Affilorama and started browsing through all the pages worth of content available.

I was totally awestruck by the amount of “Free” information that was of high quality available to me!

I was able to use software, custom scripts, plugins… and not to mention the fact that most of the training came with high quality videos and audio!

I was totally amazed and was like “wow this stuff is FREE?”.

Like, seriously, you should check out the free stuff available there. You can click on this link right here and sign up for the free membership and get access to A LOT of material.

Now this might sound like I’m totally biased for Mark Ling’s Affilorama, and don’t get me wrong, I am like his biggest fan. Without his training and his guidance I wouldn’t be able to sit here and make money online.

He really is one of the biggest inspirations to me.

Now what’s really funny was, at the time, since I was just sick of getting scammed, Mark Ling was coming out with a course called “Affiloblueprint 1.0” and at the time, he was saying “let me show you step by step how I set up a website and make $50 a week”.

Now that to me, was like “ok, this guy doesn’t sound like he is totally bullshitting me, $50 a week sounds reasonable, so let’s give it a shot!”

But due to the previous bad experience with buying so many low quality products, in the back of my mind I was thinking “oh gee, I hope this Mark Ling guy won’t scam me…” but since I had tried out his free stuff already and liked it, I gave it another shot.

I bought Affiloblueprint and the rest is history.

Actually, I did a detailed review of Affiloblueprint if you’re interested here.

Now, come to think of it, you know how I was hoping that Mark Ling wouldn’t scam me at the time when I bought his course?

It turns out that Mark is probably one of the BIGGEST and most reputable marketers on the entire Clickbank! He has so many products and makes up such a large portion of Clickbank’s revenue, they actually consult him and update him with Clickbank changes in advance!

So, if you’re still wondering how to make money online and want a library full of fantastic information and videos… including access to software, plugins and scripts for FREE then why don’t you sign up to Mark Ling’s Affilorama today. I mean, just sign up for the FREE membership, if you like it enough then you can also try  out the PREMIUM version. Click here to sign up.

Pros of Affilorama FREE Membership

  • Library of information:
    • Videos
    • PDFS
    • Software
    • Tools
    • Scripts
    • Forum
    • Blog

Cons of Affilorama FREE Membership

  • Content is not organized
  • It’s like a library it’s got a little bit about everything if you know where to look, but you have to know where to look
  • Not a “step by step course” it’s just a lot of information everywhere
  • The information is geared towards green newbies

Click here to sign up the Affilorama’s FREE membership today!

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Rob Wiser

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