4 Ways To Make Quick Cash On The Internet

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Just about everyone experiences a moment at one time or another where money is running low, and bills are overdue. However, you’re sitting there reaching into your pockets and coming up empty handed.  What to do?

Well, the internet is abound with ways to quite literally make money in a day. Although the money may not be deposited into your bank account immediately, you can make what you need in a relatively short amount of time. Here are four excellent ways that you can put some money in your pockets on short notice.

1. Micro Sourcing For Quick Cash

Micro Sourcing For Quick Cash

Micro sourcing sites are like an oasis in the middle of the desert for a person that is thirsty for cash (and within reach of a computer). If you’ve got a skill that is marketable towards folks that are willing to pay a low fee for what you are providing, then you’re in luck.

Think of it this way in a real life context.  For the uninitiated to micro sourcing, it’s akin to if you’ve got a guy living next door to you, and he needs help moving his couch.  He’s not going to pay you hundreds of dollars to move one couch out to the curb.  That would clearly be the idea of an insane person.  However, seeing that you’re taking a few minutes out of your day to provide a service to him while you could be sitting on the couch doing nothing, chances are he’ll slip you a few bucks.

This is essentially the same way that Fiverr.com operates.

I talk about Fiverr because they are honestly the best when it comes to this type of moneymaking opportunity. Where other freelancing sites want you to pass through a series of hoops (aptitude tests and whatnot) you honestly don’t even need to be able to know how to read to make money on Fiverr. Seriously! If you were illiterate, wanted to make money and had someone to do your computer work for you; as long as you had a marketable skill you could make money online. Although I would suggest a nominal amount of literacy. This of course doesn’t apply to most of you reading this article.

The way Fiverr works is brilliant in its simplicity. They give you the platform to post an announcement for a skill that you will perform in exchange for five dollars.  Beware, because although you can perform a job and have the client pay you on the same day it can take a bit of time for that cold hard cash to see its way into your pocket. A funds that are made through Fiverr can take up to a couple of weeks to be ready for you to spend.  And your total rake may be a bit less than what you were initially hoping for. Fiverr takes a dollar out for processing fees and then Paypal takes a cut as well.  Same way the government gets you on taxes. Although done right a person can make a reasonable amount of income through them, I’d use Fiverr as a piggy bank that you crack open when absolutely necessary. Oh yeah, they also have a debit card that you can use to get to your money quicker; but they will take their slice in fee.

2.  Sell Stuff On Ebay

Sell Stuff On Ebay

Chances are you’ve got a room or at the very least a drawer of some sort that’s got junk in it that you used to hold dear but now you wouldn’t even bother to write down on the insurance forms if your house caught fire tomorrow. By the way, I’m hoping that doesn’t happen to any of you.

The point I am trying to make is that sales off of traditional marketplaces make a hell of a lot more money that most people can imagine.  Look at it this way, in the United States every year there are tens of thousands of yard sales or garage sales. For the uninitiated, a yard sale is where somebody sets up a table in their front yard and sells their old, unwanted stuff for marginally lower prices than what they paid for it originally. They make a few bucks here and there, at least enough to get coffee at the gas station the next morning.

The lesson that can be learned from these people is that you can make money selling stuff that you don’t want even if you are taking a significant loss. People always want stuff. However, said stuff isn’t always going to be available in stores forever. Eventually the hot new thing will trickle down into the secondary stores, then yard sales and into the ether. You can stand at the end of this line and make a sizeable amount of cash.

And how do you do this?  You sell stuff online.  Now, you’re probably going to have to go to the giant killer of all online resale sites, Ebay. Ebay is a place where people when they do it correctly can make fortunes. It’s like a giant worldwide yard sale. Now, you’re not going to get rich in a day selling car engines. That’s just lunacy. What you can do though, is make a pretty decent daily haul through volume sales.

Volume sales as everyone knows is the selling of a whole lot of something at a low price. You price something low enough and people will buy a ton of it.  Hell, I’ve gone on Ebay myself and seen people selling packs of pencils! Yes, pencils. Something that you can get at just about every office supply store in the country.  If you can find the right object that you can sell at a low enough price point and still make a profit, you can rake in a decent amount of cash. Although you will have to make continuous trips to your local post office to mail what you’re selling to people off. Ebay sites are really easy to promote and often spread very easily on word of mouth and positive feedback of clients.  So as long as you’re selling something good, people will be buying and that means money for you.

3. Send Out A ClickBank Blast

Send Out A ClickBank Blast

If you happen to be one of those fortunate souls who is abound in social networking contacts, there’s a way for you too if you need some cash on the fly.  It’s been proven that a ClickBank blast can pull some cash in quicker than a turn on a very forgiving slot machine.  The first thing that you have to do is sign up for a ClickBank account.  Go on, we’ll wait…

Hey, you’re back! Ok, now onto how to get the cash rolling in. First thing that you’ve got to do is find a suitable product.  Pick something that you know will attract people and attract them quickly. Remember, it’s all about getting folks looking. Then, set up a simple landing page that sells your product.  So if you think that selling bowling balls is the way to go set up a page for bowling balls.  People are always in markets to buy bowling balls.

Make sure you use all of the marketing material that ClickBank provides to you. They are giving you the tools to build a pretty steady bridge when it comes to making some cash.  Because no matter what product it is, chances are people are looking for it online and are probably searching for it right as you’re reading this.

Now that you’ve got that site set up, blast that URL right into outer space. Make every Tweet, Facebook post and Pin you put out about this site.  Coat the ground with it until its saturated! For every single link you put out there’s a buyer for what you are selling. For every sale you make, you get a piece of the pie.  If you can get people to repost your links even better.  At the very least, you’ve just acquired a sales team to do a portion of your marketing for you. Either way, you’ll be making some quick cash in no time.  Because everyone is always looking for something!

4.  Sell A Warrior Special Offer

Sell A Warrior Special Offer

And if you have any skills that can be marketed and sold through online means, like writing articles for other folks or you’re one of those artsy graphic designer types or you happen to be the Yoda of SEO; try selling a Warrior Special Offer through the Warrior Forum.

In short, the Warrior Forum is the largest internet marketing forum in the world, with millions of visitors every day.  Not every month, week or year; but day!  You’ve got a potential audience of millions.  Now, granted there is a small charge for posting a Warrior Special Offer but it’s peanuts in comparison to the amount of volume they get in terms of web traffic.  This translates into a high number of potential customers for you. Think of it as opening up one of those little huts selling sunglasses in the mall.  You put a hut on the side of the road chances are you aren’t going to get that many customers. Now, if you put that hut in the mall, you’re going to get a few sales just based on the curiosity of people walking by.  The small charge is like paying the mall to rent the space your hut is taking up.

Now, as long as the service you are offering is in demand and you put together a post advertising your service that’s attractive to your potential customer you will make some fast cash this way as well. It may seem like posting a classified ad to the untrained eye.  However, unlike a classified ad in a newspaper; people flock to the Warrior Forum to look for services that they need or want. It’s a very active marketplace with people looking for money to spend for services rendered. So if you’re one of those types who can afford to advertise yourself a little, you should do fairly well here.


Everyone has a skill that other people can put to good use. If you’re willing to be reasonable with how much you are pricing that skill at, you can literally make money in less than a day.  Sure, it may not be enough to buy a new car right at the start. But for those that may live on a day to day basis, it will be enough to put gas in the car and keep moving forward.

Rob Wiser

Rob Wiser

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Rob Wiser is the co-founder of Art Of IM, which is dedicated to helping internet marketers break through to new levels of success online. On this site, Rob and his partner Jackson Lin reveal many of the strategies they personally use to grow their online businesses.
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